Strength Through Simplification with Eva Haley

Strength Through Simplification with Eva Haley

Workshop is currently at capacity.

Date:  Saturday, November 19, 2022

Time:  9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Level: All levels welcomed…this class will be taught in oils

Cost:  $50

We will break for lunch, which will be on your own.  There are several restaurants nearby if you choose not to bring your own lunch.

Workshop Description

Enjoy painting a landscape using a limited palette of only 4-5 colors and a palette knife to create a dynamic painting!  The class will be taught in oil, but participants may use acrylics, as well.

Eva will focus on teaching the design of large patterns in terms of values (dark to light) developing these shapes into color and keeping the color true to the value they represent (by limiting number of values, form takes the lead over detail).

She will demonstrate her quick painting techniques using a palette knife to focus on the most direct and effective method for creating strong, vibrant paintings.  Painting with a palette knife is fast-paced, exciting and fun, producing finished pieces that have textural qualities and expressive gesture.  Students can bring their own landscape photos and references they wish to study and practice on and have fun!  There will be some photo references available for students to choose from if needed during the workshop.

     Starting a brand new technique can feel so challenging, so getting such useful tips and insight is helpful and empowering to gain confidence to loosen up and be more expressive in your painting!

Workshop Supply List

Please bring your own photos if you have ones you want to use – trees, mountains, barns, architectural elements, and outdoor objects. I will bring photos for you to use if you don’t have any.

I mostly use a warm and a cool of each of the three primaries, black, and white.  I like the following colors because we can mix most colors with these basics.

Paints: (both oil and acrylic painters) Titanium White, Cad. Yellow Light, Cad. Yellow Medium, Cad. Red Pale or Light, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue & Ivory Black (Note: for oils I like Winsor Newton Griffin Alkyd Titanium White for knife painting because it helps the thick paint dry faster)

Additional colors (I like for convenience but are not required) Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Viridian, Shiva Yellow Citron and Kings Blue

Palette knives: assorted.  Medium to large to mix paint and apply paint. Metal with wood handles work best, please do not bring a plastic knife because you won’t like it for painting.

Hog bristle brushes: assorted. Filbert or flat, size 8 and size 4 (and whatever size you are comfortable using)

Canvas or gesso board:, I suggest at least 12×16 but not larger than 16×20. I like the gallery wrap canvas because it doesn’t require a frame but the gesso boards are a great choice also.

Table easel: to fit large canvas

Miscellaneous/Everyone: paper towels/rags, apron or old paint shirt

For those bringing oils: Liquin (medium for oils), Palette for mixing paints (11×14 or larger), something to carry your wet painting home (pizza boxes work great or a box lid slightly larger than your painting.

For those bringing acrylics: Acrylic Medium to slow the drying time of the paint, Sta-wet palette, spray water bottle and container for water

Class discussions will cover what makes a good painting, the importance of variety of shapes, edges, values, and color temperature along with lots more!!

Register and Pay online or Submit to: Karen Freeman, 125 N Woodland, Conway, AR 72032