The Dorris Curtis Scholarship Fund

The Conway League of Artists celebrates the life and work of one of it’s founders, Dorris Curtis, by contributing to a fund for scholarships at the University of Central Arkansas.

    The Dorris Curtis Scholarship Fund was started in 1995 and created for the purpose of supporting UCA art students with scholarships, supplies, and other needs as determined by the fund director.  Each year the scholarship is awarded to one UCA art student who shows academic achievement, artistic talent, and potential.  The recipient will receive $500 each semester for that year.  

    The scholarship is named after Dorris Curtis who had started the fund to

assist UCA art students in paying for their art supplies and tuition. Dorris was a generous lady who was concerned with finding ways to give back, which included selling her artwork to donate to several causes. Dorris had graduated from UCA in 1940 with a BA in education and later earned her Master’s degree and went on to have a long career in education until she retired as a kindergarten teacher in 1973.  Although Dorris had attended art workshops throughout her life, it was not until she retired at 65 years old that she was able to focus on painting and produce a large collection of artwork inspired by Grandma Moses.  Along with her many accomplishments, Dorris Curtis was also one of the five women who founded the Conway League of Artists in 1973.  Encyclopedia of Arkansas; Dorris Lafferty Curtis

The CLA is proud to honor the legacy of Dorris Curtis by contributing to the UCA Dorris Curtis Scholarship Fund. By donating, you can support UCA art students with their higher education goals. You can donate by PayPal on this page or in person at a member meeting. Meetings are held at the Faulkner County Library at 6 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

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