Beverly McNulty

Beverly McNulty

Medium: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor

Nature is the driving force in my world of art. Many of my painting ideas spring from flower gardening and experiences with nature.

I can’t remember life without art. Early on, my art adventures were simplistic. As a teacher in the classroom, I incorporated art as a necessity and a means to an end. As a parent, I was there to assist with my children’s projects. As a civic volunteer, I chaired an arts and crafts fair project to raise money for a children’s playground in my subdivision. But it wasn’t until I recently retired from teaching in public school, that I discovered oil and acrylic painting!

Teaching is a personal passion and continues to infiltrate my life. I have been known to invite my children, grandchildren, and friends to visit my studio for an art adventure! I love watching them as they discover their own God given talents, hoping that the experience provides inspiration to continue with the journey.

I currently enjoy painting florals and landscapes with an emphasis on palette knife. I have an impressionist style, and enjoy the texture a palette knife brings to the canvas. In the future, my goal is to explore various types of mediums and techniques.